Payout OptionsSPEI - SPEI is Mexico’s lightning fast and inexpensive inter-bank transfer system (akin to SEPA in Europe, and vastly superior to ACH). All bank accounts in Mexico can be identified by their special 18-digit SPEI account number, otherwise known as a ‘CLABE’. Transfers executed via SPEI are typically concluded within a few seconds (within banking hours).

Debit Cards - Send tansfers directly to debit cards from any mexican bank. Note that the “institution_code” is obtained from the bank_codes endpoint.
Banking CoverageSee entire bank list here:
Delivery TimeTriggers a SPEI + DEBIT CARD withdrawal from your account. These withdrawals are immediate during banking hours for some banks (M-F 9:00AM - 5:00PM Mexico City Time), 24 hours for others.
LimitsMinimum is $50MXN, no maximum currently.