The account resource holds a whole host of information about your account. All of the information displayed in the Wyre dashboard can be found here.

When checking your balance you should refer to the availableBalance object to see how much of a given currency you have available to Transfer.

Result Fields

idAn internal Wyre id corresponding to your account.
createdAtTime at which the account was created.
updatedAtThe last time the account was updated.
loginAtThe last time the account was logged in to.
rankThe account's rank. Used for things like limits on the accounts option to purchase digital currencies.
blockscoreVerifiedAtTime at which the account's identity was verified if the account has been verified.
blockscoreFailedAtTime at which the account's identity failed verification if the account has failed verification.
profileA set of fields that the user has permission to modify.
paymentMethodsA list of payment methods available on the account to make digital currency purchases.
identitiesAn array of identities (cellphone numbers, email addresses) associated with the account. Each identity includes information about when they were created and when they were verified.
depositAddressesA map of digital currency deposit addresses for the account.
totalBalancesA map of the total amount of funds in the user's account. This is the sum of the pending balances and the available balances.
availableBalancesA map of the total amount of funds available to be withdrawn immediately from the account. If you are performing a check to see if the account has sufficient funds before making a withdrawal, you should check this balance.
emailThe email tied to the account.
cellphoneThe cellphone number tied to the account.