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The Cluster Collector Symbol

This new addition to the Wazdan in-game exclusive features provides players with additional ways of accumulating wins. If you’re worrying about this mechanic being complicated or confusing to understand, don’t worry, it’s easy to get into and designed for even the most beginner players to have fun with.

The cluster collector symbol can appear randomly during any base game spin. They remain on the spot until the “Hold the Jackpot” feature triggers, and they stay for the next 5 spins accumulating all the adjacent bonus symbols, which can result in some pretty gigantic wins if you are lucky enough.

This exciting slot mechanic complements all the other features perfectly, making this arguably one of the best titles in the “Coins” series. While the cluster collector symbol isn’t necessarily a ground-breaking revelation in the slot industry, it is still a fantastic addition to the roster. It is pretty hard to find a title that has so many mechanics incorporated at once.

Wazdan is gradually upgrading its games to be filled with entertainment. This newest mechanic only proves that they are not looking to put out new products just for the sake of it, but rather create something that the players will truly love and enjoy playing for the foreseeable future.

Why You Should Consider Playing 25 Coins
If you’re a beginner online slot player, or if you’ve never played a Wazdan title, then we believe that this would be a perfect stepping stone for you. 25 Coins is an amalgamation of every past product they’ve put out, and every true one-armed bandit fan will at least want to try it once.

As you’ve previously read, the game is full of exciting features that serve the purpose of making every spin interesting in one way or another. Even if you’re not experiencing big wins, you will still be entertained, as something will always happen and appear. “Dead spins” are a pretty rare occurrence here.

Playing this slot will also allow you to enter and explore the entire library of Wazdan games if you’ve never played them before. These guys are known for developing numerous titles besides their “Coins” series. Players will need to spend hundreds of hours going through their expansive library of games, and starting with 25 Coins is a great option.

This casino game is fresh, thrilling, and most importantly, incredibly fun for both new and veteran players alike. It is a testament to how great slots can sometimes be in a market that is filled with products that can hardly be differentiated one from another. We highly recommend that you give this one a chance, as you will most probably end up loving it as soon as you start playing.

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