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Coming soon” Pittsburgh, prospect from No. 1 overall pick imminent to be unsealed

He is showing performance worthy of the league's top pitching prospect. In 6 games so far, he has allowed 2 runs (1 earned) in 23 innings, has an ERA of 0.39, walks 6, and has 41 strikeouts. His top velocity is approaching 100 mph.

In an interview with the New York Post, one scout described Skins as “the best college pitcher after Stephen Strasburg,” and another scout named Skins as one of the “top three” along with Strasburg and Gerrit Cole.

Although he appears ready to debut in the big league right away, the Pittsburgh team appears to be controlling the pace.

As the season progressed, the build-up progressed slowly. Currently, the number of pitches has risen to 89 pitches.

His next appearance will also be in Triple A. He is scheduled to take the mound in a home game against the Buffalo Bisons (Toronto Blue Jays Triple A) on the 6th.

In relation to this, the New York Post reported that this could be his last appearance in Indianapolis.

The explanation they gave was, “It will be up soon.”

Pittsburgh's current starting rotation consists of Mitch Keller, Martin Perez, Jared Jones, Bailey Falter, and Quinn Priester. Marco Gonzalez was included in the season opening rotation, but left due to injury.

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