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5 scoreless innings KKKK + 4 home runs and 12 points exploded

"Korean Monster" Ryu Hyun-jin (Hanwha Eagles) threw a perfect pitch. He played the role of an ace who continued his winning streak and broke his losing streak.

In an away game against the Samsung Lions at the Daegu Samsung Lions Park on Wednesday, Ryu garnered his third win of the season by allowing no runs on three hits, one walk and four strikeouts in five innings. Out of a total of 80 pitches, Ryu had 56 strikes. He displayed a maximum speed of 149 kilometers in ball speed, and effectively utilized his main weapons such as curves, changeups, and cut fastballs.

Ahn Chi-hong (2 runs in the first inning), Moon Hyun-bin, Kim Tae-yeon (2 runs in the second inning), and Jonathan Peraza (3 runs in the third inning) hit home runs to help Ryu hunt for his third win. Hanwha defeated Samsung 12-2 and got out of the mire of four consecutive losses since the match against NC in Daejeon on the 15th.

"All the hitters did it today. I didn't do anything," Ryu said after the game. After playing 110 pitches in six innings in a match against NC in Daejeon on Wednesday last week, Ryu took the mound twice a week for the first time since his return. "I always do that in the U.S., so I had no problem at all. I threw 110 pitches on Tuesday (14th), but it was okay," Ryu said.

"I heard Daegu Samsung Lions Park is a batter-friendly stadium," he said after keeping the mound until the fifth inning and allowing no run. As the stadium has high preference among batters, the team focused on curbing long-distance shots. The first batter was on base in the first inning, but I am most satisfied with how the team finished the inning quickly."

Ryu Hyun-jin, who came into the dugout after handing the mound to Jang Si-hwan in the sixth inning with a significant 12-0 lead, expressed his gratitude, saying, "There is a difference in score and I think the manager and pitching coach have been considerate."

"I've been playing well lately, but my balance wasn't balanced," Ryu said, adding that he added more significance to his escape from four consecutive losses than hunting for three wins. "After today, we only have to run."

Meanwhile, manager Choi Won-ho said, "Starting pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin pitched like an ace and broke the losing streak."

"An Chi-hong's homer was crucial for the batting line-up. After getting on base as the first batter in the top of the first inning, the flow could have been interrupted by a two-out, but An Chi-hong's homer gave us the upper hand and became a springboard for victory," he added.

Coach Choi Won-ho then finished the interview, saying, "I also want to praise Kim Tae-yeon, who hit hard including home runs, and I want to say that all the players who won today worked hard."